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I'm Benny Berthelsen. Founder of HORISONT Consulting and co-creator of the simulation game Hot Hour Experience.


The best simulation games has a great ability to create behavior and situations comparable to everyday work life. And when it's fun and gives a lot of AHA-experiences to the participants you have a great platform for growth.

More than 25% of Danish top 100 companies has bought Hot Hour Experience as a tool for their internal training.


I'm looking forward to support your company as well. 

My Story

Benny is 62 years old and experienced manager, instructor and consultant.


Since founding the company in 1996 Benny has assisted a wide range of client organisations with consulting and training services and has developed several products for leadership and team learning. Co-creator of the simulation game "Hot Hour Experience".

Prior to consulting Benny spent 10 years in management positions (5 years as HRD-manager in a bank). Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Organization) and Systemic Consultant.

Skills and experience: business development, leadership development, personal development, communication and presentation training and teambuilding.

Hot Hour Experience


In 1998 a colleague and I were in a situation where we needed a teambuilding activity for a group we had worked with several times before. We knew precisely what the activity should focus on, but we had no exercise at our disposal, which could cover these areas.


We wanted to present the group with various tasks to create a picture of the everyday challenges related to strategy, planning, management, re-evaluation, skill development and much more. When we stumbled across various brain teasers from Binary Arts, the initial foundation for our new simulation game “Hot Hour Experience” was in place. Together with an equally challenging riddle, and a new way to use and combine the tasks, Hot Hour Experience became a reality.

The new simulation game was a big and immediate success, and as we have used it for subsequent development tasks, we have discovered its numerous potential applications. For example, the game makes it possible to see in practice the various elements associated with skill development, much more effectively than any other simulation game we have seen.


I hope you enjoy using or experience Hot Hour Experience … an engaging way to learn.

Benny Berthelsen

HORISONT Consulting 

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